Traditionally, this practice nurtures the new mother for 30-40 days after birth with daily massage, "Bengkung" binding and an appropriate diet.

In the comfort of the mother's home, Mari offers a condensed 8-day version of this treatment which involves a daily massage treatment, followed by the application of the 'Bengkung' wrap. 

This treatment is most effective in the first 3 months post-partum. Ideal start time is 4-5 days after a vaginal delivery, and 6 weeks after a caesarean section.  

This massage relaxes the muscles, whilst clearing and boosting the circulation and lymphatic systems of the body.The massage and dietary advice given, is designed to aid the post-partum recovery process, alleviating any physical and emotional symptoms that delivery might cause, with the aim of restoring balance and well-being.

In Asian cultures the dramatic change from pregnancy to post partum, is considered to trap 'wind' in the mother's body. This wind, if left untreated, can lead to future arthritis, lymphatic conditions and premature aging. It is also considered to be one of the causes of post-natal depression.

The traditional Indonesian massage treatment supports the mother in releasing the trapped 'wind', thereby helping to avoid these conditions.

The "Bengkung" wrap is bound around the mother's pelvis and stomach every day and removed the next morning. It guides the uterus and the abdominal organs back into their proper positions, and helps to bring the abdominal muscles back together, enabling the mother to swiftly regain her pre-pregnancy shape.


Indonesian Post Natal Massage and 'Benkung' binding

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